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May 3, 2000.

Hey, this is Benster here in Charlotte, NC.
I have been using Mark's "UltraChip" for over a month now and absolutely love it.

I have had/used all the major chips and do like Mark's the best as far as the "ass-dyno" goes and hope to arrange some dyno time this weekend.

As far as "what the chip is like":

1.) The idle is set a "tad" higher. My M5 idles at about 850 rpms which gives the engine a nice "purr" instead of the "grumble" sort of rumbling feeling of the idle of the other chips.  Shifting into first is immediately smooth and responsive.

2.) The torque feel is what I expected out of the JC chip, but never seemed to find.  Acceleration is a smooth and fast climb through the entire power band.

3.) It just seems to feel "racey". I can't describe it other than just a general more aggressive feeling.  It feels like I am always in the power no matter what gear and what rpm.

4.) Gas mileage is about the same as the JC chip.  We didn't buy these cars for their fuel economy! :)

My dyno graph is available.

The "UltraChip" is different.  I felt an immediate difference over the others I've tried (and I liked it!)  Just for kicks I put my stock chip back in for a week and a half and drove around to "numb my senses".  I put Mark's chip back in this morning and drove in to work.  Huge difference over stock.  Like an entirely different car.

All I need now is a new exhaust (I'm thinking a B&B triflow) to make it a little louder because the car purrs now with the slight timing advance.

To sum up, I am very happy.  I do not know Mark other than a few e-mails, but he has one killer chip!  No, I'm not getting any special favors either!  Although, I could use a discount on one of his "Chip Switchers" when they become a reality.  I'm am SO SICK of swapping chips out!

If you have any questions, send me an e-mail directly,
(please reference the website with your inquiries.)

-Benster or  
Ben Antanaitis
Charlotte, NC


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