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>Spring 2017

  1. Perform an engine flush
  2. Change oil & filter using synthetic oil
  3. Check front & rear suspension
  4. Check all fluid levels
  5. Check front & rear brakes
  6. Check interior & exterior lights
  7. Report on air conditioning function
  8. Check charging system
  9. Check & load test battery
  10. Check wipers & adjust washers
  11. Check for overheating
  12. Check coolant strength & quality
  13. Install summer tires if on rims already
  14. Pressure test for coolant leaks
  15. Check all tire pressures
  16. Report on any service due
  17. Road test & report on deficiencies
  18. Provide a mechanic's check list
  19. Check belts
  20. Add one injector cleaner to gas tank
  21. Check for electronic faults
The prices are:

4 cylinder $225.00, 6 cylinder $240.00, 8 and 12 cylinder $260.00. Prices include synthetic engine oil, oil filter, injector cleaner and engine flush. It also includes any fluids required when topping up. M cars will have an extra charge because of M engine oil prices.
This does not include summer tire installation at a later date.

>Fall 2017

  1. Oil and filter using 5w40 Penzoil Platinum Fully Synthetic
  2. Check all fluid levels
  3. Check front and rear suspension
  4. Check interior and exterior lights
  5. Visually inspect front and rear brake pads
  6. Check antifreeze strength
  7. Check wipers and washers
  8. Check front and rear defrosters
  9. Load test battery and check alternator
  10. Check belts
  11. Check tire pressures
  12. Install snow tires if on their own rims
  13. Check thermostat function
  14. Pressure test cooling system for leaks
  15. Lube locks, window and door seals
  16. Check heater function
  17. Road test
  18. Remove one spark plug and check
  19. Add injector cleaner to gas tank
  20. Check for electronic faults
The packaged prices are:

The packaged prices are - 4 cylinder $225.00, 6 cylinder $240.00 and V8s/V12s $260.00. The prices do not include M cars. Prices include engine oil, oil filter, injector cleaner and any fluids needed for top-ups. The prices do not include the installation of tires at a later date.

Just a few reminders; if you have a timing belt it should be changed every 4 years or 80,000 kms, brake fluid and antifreeze changes should be done every 2 years, oil and filter changes should be done every year or 7-8,000 kms, which ever comes first.

*Please use email to make appointments* if possible ( or call us at 416-696- 2277.

Don Katsumi
President, AutoTrend



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